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Swiss Bianco Logo Swiss Bianco Canada is an authorized Canadian dealer for Victorinox Swiss Army Knives (including spare parts and accessories ).

If you live in Canada and would like to purchase any of the products listed below or any other Victorinox Swiss Army Knives or accessories, please submit your request through the Contact Us Form. Please list the items you are interested in, along with your postal code, so that we can calculate shipping cost and taxes (GST or HST, depending on your province of residence). We will respond with a PayPal invoice for the items you ordered.

All of the products listed on this page are eligible for free Canada-wide shipping on orders of $100 or more, as well as free shipping and no sales tax on orders of $200 or more.

Currently, we have the following items in stock and ready to ship ( all prices are in Canadian dollars and are subject to change without notice ):
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SwissTool™ and SwissTool™ Spirit Accessories. Make your SwissTool™ into a "Plus" version by adding these accessories.

Wrench (Item# 30540), Bit Holder (Item# 30541), Corkscrew (Item# 30555), and Mini-screwdriver (Item# 30411): $28 for the set.

Nylon Pouch for SwissTool™ Plus (Item# 30542, grey trim) or Swiss Tool Spirit (Item# 30262, brown trim): $20 (pouch only) or $45 (loaded with Wrench, Bit Holder, Corkscrew, and Mini-Screwdriver).

Note: We do not carry standard 1/4" bits, as they can be purchased at any hardware store, allowing you to build your bit set to your preference.
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Red 91mm Cellidor Scales
Victorinox 91mm Cellidor Scales: Sapphire, Ruby (availability may change). $12 per set.

Victorinox 84mm Nylon Scales: Red (without printed Victorinox shield, availability may change). $12 per set.

Victorinox 111mm Nylon Scales: Black for Liner-Lock models, Red for Slider-lock and Liner-lock models, availability may change). $12 per set.
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product image Replacement parts for Victorinox Rescue Tool.

Window Breaker (part A.8590) and Disc Saw (part A.8591): $8.00 for the set.
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58mm SAK Ballpoint Pen (30424, 4.0567.32)
Replacement parts for Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Scales:

Toothpick Small (30413, A.6141): $1.00 each.
Toothpick Large (30414, A.3641): $1.00 each.

Tweezers Small (30415, A.6142): $2.00 each.
Tweezers Large (30416, A.3642): $2.00 each.

91mm SAK Ballpoint Pen (30422): $4.50 each.
SwissCard Pen (A.6444, 30523): $4.50 each.
58mm SAK Ballpoint Pen (30424, 4.0567.32): $4.50 each.

Battery door covers: $1.00 each.

Please note: Our minimum total order size is $10.
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SwissCard Pen (A.6444, 30523)

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Toothpick Small (30413, A.6141)

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Toothpick Large (30414, A.3641)

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Battery door covers (A.6149 / 30491 - red, A.6149.T / 30558 - translucent red/ruby, A.6149.T2 / 30559- translucent blue/sapphire, A.6149.T7 - silvertech)

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Tweezers Small (30415, A.6142)

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Tweezers Large (30416, A.3642)

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Replacement bits for CyberTool

Replacement bits for Victorinox CyberTool:

4mm Flat/#2 Phillips (A.7680.14 / 30543)
#8 Torx/4mm Hex (A.7680.64 / 30544)
#10 Torx/#15 Torx (A.7680.35 / 30545)
#0/#1 Posidrive (A.7680.20 / 30546)

Price (4-bit set): $40.00.
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